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About Us

In 2021 Andrew Jones was involved in setting up software development teams for several programmes in the UK and South Africa. The teams had to be flexible so as to meet the ebb and flow of demand from product teams. But in each instance, there were obstacles which caused huge frustration and often led to postponement or significant delays. This impacted the organisations’ ability to meet what their customers were demanding. This loss in competitiveness resulted in the loss of customers and a narrowing bottom line.

The main obstacles were clear:

  • UK, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Portuguese and Indian salaries and contractor rates escalating at over 34% annually.
  • A huge shortage of candidates and those available not meeting the standards required.
  • Cultural fit became more difficult as those available lacked good language skills.

Having worked on major software solutions development in South Africa for over 14 years, Andrew contacted Cliff Johnson to enquire as to the availability of upper quartile standard DevOps candidates and the rates being demanded in and around Johannesburg.

The upshot of all this was Andrew worked with a client to establish a team of up to 12 developers for an LSE listed company based in the UK. Over a year later that client has now significantly grown the team and is delighted at the skills level at sound affordable rates, and attests to the cultural synergy, and close time zones.

After seeking Investment, Ashley Frazer-Evans, a UK entrepreneur based in Johannesburg, saw the real potential and agreed to fund the establishment of the South Africa Software Development Hub in January 2023.


Our Mission

To empower your success, with reliable nearshore software development solutions that guarantee quality at unbeatable international rates!

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Cliff Johnson

With over 25 years experience building successful teams of product and IT Delivery Teams for the likes of Vodafone, Standard Bank, and Interfile, Cliff has built a great network of DevOps contacts to either find that key person for you, or to build successful teams to support your software development. His servant leadership style brings out the best in all the individuals and teams

Andrew Jones

Having created and floated the first Neural Network and AI business on the LSE, Andrew went on to become an executive coach helping banks, insurers, manufacturers, retail and government organisations to develop a sound strategy based on well communicated sets of outcomes. He is the founder of the Agile Listening Project and has set up a number of successful outsourced and nearshore solutions for clients.

Ashley Frazer-Evans

Recognised in southern Africa as one of the up and coming group of entrepreneurs, Ashley is the CEO of Regent Laboratories, a company that manufactures mosquito vector control products and implements malaria eradication programmes in DRC, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. He also has a company that supplies mining hardware to mines. One of his latest investments has been as an angel to the musical “Mandela” currently at the Young Vic, Waterloo, London.