Launch of a new South African Nearshore Software Development Service

3 February 2023

Press Release: Date: 7th February 2023

The founders of the South Africa Software Development Hub are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new nearshoring service for companies in the UK and Europe who are struggling to find outstanding software development talent at a cost that will bring music to the finance director’s ears.

With savings against normal contractor rates of 50% in the UK and 28-35% less than rates in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Portugal, South Africa can offer true value for money.

The founders, Andrew Jones and Cliff Johnson recognised that organisations in the UK and much of Europe were facing a real challenge in recruiting well-skilled software development staff or contractors. With demand having soared for IT resources substantially as organisations sought to use technology to drive down operating costs and improve customer interaction, the cost of staff or contractors has risen by over 34% across Europe.

Unlocking the Benefits of Nearshore Development in South Africa

South Africa provides top-notch nearshore development services that open the door to a variety of advantages. The SASDH team are themselves experts in Cloud and Microservice product development, and, if desired by the client can support their SA team either as a Programme leader or act as the local ambassador providing continuous feedback on the performance of individuals and teams.


Whether you need a single senior developer/engineer, fixing a backlog of Tech Debt, an entire IT Delivery Team delivering a Product, or undertaking a major migration from on-premise legacy systems and data to a public cloud platform and adopting microservices, SASDH can offer you the solution you need.

Cultural Affinity

It will become apparent very quickly how close the cultural affinity between the UK, Europe and South Africa is.  With English being the predominant language of business and schooling in South Africa, there is hardly a misunderstanding based on language. Much closer than that of Eastern Europe and Portugal.

Many of the institutions in South Africa have been based on those in the UK, and the understanding of banking, insurance and medical processes are almost identical.

Close Time Zones

With only a one-hour difference from April to October and two hours from November to March in UK, it is very easy to assimilate the working hours between those working remotely in SA and those at the UK office.  It is even closer for those European companies that choose to nearshore teams.

Work and Team Ethics

It becomes very noticeable that the work ethic of South Africans is typically very strong, and, when there is pressure to get work done, they demonstrate a team mentality where obstacles are discussed and everyone contributes to them being overcome.

Skill Levels

There is also a huge learning culture in SA.  Everyone knows that to enjoy employment in SA you need to keep on learning new skills. There is very high degree of skill in AI and machine learning, and many companies use SA teams to undertake complex migrations because of the depth of knowledge on cloud architecture and solutions.

Local Experienced International Recruitment Team

The SASDH recruitment team is led by Megan Owen, who is based in Johannesburg but has worked in the tech recruitment space both in SA and Europe.  She can understand client requirements, both on a skills level and a cultural level, and along with her team has a considerable network and database of prospective candidates.

For more information please call Andrew Jones on +44 7799 544 973 or email him on  The website is