Flexible Nearshore Services

Nearshoring is becoming an increasingly attractive option for organisations looking to acquire flexible software development services.

By working with a nearshore provider, organisations can scale their operations quickly and cost-effectively without sacrificing quality, whilst also having the benefit of access to scarce skills that may not be available domestically. Nearshoring, rather than off-shore outsourcing, allows organisations to benefit from time zone differences that permit longer overlap periods between global teams while meeting critical deadlines more easily. All of these factors make nearshoring a great choice for organisations looking for flexible software development services.

Whether you want to contract skilled resources or recruit staff to be based at a South African Software Hub, we can help you.

Augmenting your existing team

Are you looking for that specialist skill you cannot find locally, or are you looking to augment an existing team? We can provide you with the solution.

Contractors can be taken on at extremely reasonable rates. We suggest that a minimum of 6 months is usually needed to get the most value out of such an individual.

Building flexible teams

Nearshoring gives you the opportunity to scale your development resources rapidly. Many organisations wish to set up dedicated product IT delivery teams, or in some cases wish to set up a team, or teams, to specifically tackle a backlog of Technical Debt.

In addition to software engineers, we can supply IT Delivery/Scrum Managers, Solution Architects, Testers, and Cyber Security Specialists.

Employing a Remote Team

Some organisations feel that after a period of contracting staff that they are comfortable with employing people on a permanent basis in SA.

Many South Africans are keen to work with UK and European organisations but it is essential that we work with your HR Team to explain how to go about it correctly to avoid any issues with local employment legislation.